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Cohiba Maduro - Secretos |Full-bodied
Nice and compact Cuban smoke. The Maduro wrapper has fermented longer, claimed to have aged for 5 years, giving it a darker color and rich in flavor. Very complex aroma’s can be experiences of coffee, leather, almonds and a slight hint of caramel.
Cohiba - Piramides Extra |Medium-bodied
Just like the prestigious Behike from Cohiba, the Piramides Extra are also one of the limited sticks available. It has elements from the Behike, like the medio tiempo tobacco, which makes this cigar so high in demand. The flavor palate of this cigar is smooth and earthy, with leather, creamy and zesty tones. In a later stage you’ll recognizelittle hints of white pepper and spice.
Romeo Y Julieta - Wide Churchill |Mild-bodied
One of the most popular vitola’s of Romeo Y Julieta. With the wide ring gauge, it has a very pleasant, well-balanced smoke and aroma. The name “Churchills” brings to our minds a whole imagery of the Habano and its history. Winston Churchill was one of the most devoted smokers of the Romeo y Julietabrand. Sincehis visit to Havana in 1946, his name was not only used in Habanosrings, but granted to one of the best known vitolas of the brand and of Habanos: Churchills of Romeo y Julieta brand. The aromasof the wide churchillare nutty, with a slight bitter cacao twist followed by hints of leather.
Romeo Y Julieta - No.2 Tubos |Mild-Medium bodied
The No.1 No.2 and No.3 tubos are world wide famous for their packaging, easy carrying and a good price-quality. It’s a mild cigar for any aficionado who wants to have an easy smoke without too much hassle. As soon as you light it you notice that there’s a light peppery dryness and freshness to the cigar with a light hint of coffee. Furthermore,the cigar gives you overall tones of hay,cedar and some nuttiness.
Montecristo - Open Eagle |Mild bodied
The open series by Montecristo have been created for the more starting cigar aficionado who wants to experience the typical Montecristo flavor but a little bit lighter in body.But any aficionado who’s a fan of Montecristo can appreciate this cigar. You’ll experiencethe real tobacco with tones of hay and leatherand slight hints of wood and earth.
Montecristo - Edmundo |Medium-Full bodied
The Edmundo has wonderfully aged tobacco and a blend that offers balance and richness. It’s a flavorfull smoke experience with tones of cedar, spice and light coffee and slight hints of walnuts and black tea. The palate remains fresh and moist with a clean and subtle tobacco aftertaste. It starts intense but has a mellow aftertaste with a hint of freshness.
Montecristo - No.2 |Medium-Full bodied
In 1935, at a small but prominent cigar factory in Cuba known as Mendezez, Garcia y Cia, one of the first figurados sizes ever was created.That cigar was the Montecristo No.2. Out of all the Cuban Montecristo cigar sizes and lines that have been released since then, the No.2 still is the most popular. When you first light up the cigar, it has a complexity of light spice and pepper and tones of almonds and cedar.Halfway you can notice hints of leather and cinnamon.
Bolivar - Belicosos Finos |Full-bodied
The cigar has been named after Simon Bolivar, who led the effort to liberate much of South America from Spain and was created in 1902. It’s a bold full-bodied cigar for the more experiences aficionado who enjoys a good strong Cuban cigar. In its base, the cigar is earthy with tones of minerals, raw cocoa and coffee bean. Later you can find hints of dried fruit and nutmeg and pepper.
Hoyo de Monterrey - Epicure No.2 |Mild-Medium bodied
One of the most popular Cubans because of its soft velvety and well-balanced smoke. The cigar has some dryness to it with little sweet hints of caramel and tones of pepper. Throughout the smoke you can experience a light saltiness on your lips from the cigar, taste tones of tea leaf and pepper and recognize slight hints of toasted bread and dark chocolate. All together a very pleasant smoke for any aficionado.
Partagas - Serie D4 |Full-bodied
Partagas is one of the oldest cigar brands in the world.It started in 1845 by Don Jaime Partagas y Ravelo.Since then, Partagas’ has become one of the world’s finest manufacturers of premium cigars, with the Serie D No.4 being one of their most popular lines where it’s not only one of the bestselling vitolas, but also one of the bestselling Cuban cigars in the world.It is a flavorful, herbal full-bodied cigar with a complex profile.It includes notes of spice and cedar with hints of cacao.


Oliva V Serie - Double Robusto |Medium-Full bodied
Very complex smoke that consists of a specially fermented Jalapa Valley Ligero filler from Nicaragua, a Nicaraguan binder and a shiny oily Habano sun grown wrapper. Throughout the smoking experience the cigar gives notes of cacao, nutsand subtle sweetness. Later the cigar develops to earthierwithleather notes but maintains the cacao undertone.
Padron 1926 serie - #6 maduro |Full-bodied
Introduced in 2002 on José O. Pádron’s 75th birthday, the 1926 series is an indisputable cigar in every humidor. This cigar is distinguished in it’s quality and taste by the fact that Pádron only uses tobacco that has been aged between five and ten years. Pádron is in the top three world-wide of best non-cuban cigars producers. And once you’ve smoked a Pádron, you know why. The construction of the cigar only has Nicaraguan tobacco. Throughout the smoking experience you recognizemellow woodiness and nuttytones. Later you can experience notes of dark chocolate and roasted coffee.
CAO Pilon - Corona |Medium-bodied
Very unique blend created by Masterblender Rick Rodriguez. Pílon is an old-fashionedfermentation technique that has disappeared over half a century ago because less time-consumingtechniques were putto use. Withthe pílon technique the tobacco leaves are spread on top of each other in circles, whereas the air can flow through simultaneously, this form of fermenting takes around 18 months. Because ofthis techniqueyou’ll get a very balanced, rich and complex smoking experiencewith creamy and light peppery notesand hints of leather. The filler and binder are Nicaraguan and the wrapper is Ecuadorian Habano seed.
CAO - Brazilia Samba |Medium-Full bodied
A very special cigar produced in Honduras but with a filler and binder from Nicaragua and the wrapper from Brazil. Tobacco from Brazil is rare and it has become very popular because of it’s distinctive full and sweet flavor. It’s in perfect balance with the smooth blend of Nicaraguan filler and binder. The flavor palate gives you sweet, earthy and woody notes throughout the whole smoke. It’s a medium/full bodied smoke and very constant in taste and burn. Also,a good cigar for starters that just want to try that little extra.

Dominican Republic

Davidoff WC Artist - Petit Corona |Medium-bodied
Davidoff is know for very high quality tobacco from the Dominican Republic. They have very high standards concerning their tobacco and you find that back in the taste and structure of the cigar. Davidoff is known for a very even burn and smooth draw. The WC corona burns a bit slower than the usual Davidoff cigars. It has a Dominican and Nicaraguan filler, Mexican binder and Ecuadorian wrapper. The cigar is consistent in its aroma’s throughout the whole smoke. You can experience the taste of toasted bread and wood, with slight tones of spice.
Davidoff Aniversario - Short Perfecto |Mild-Medium bodied
Davidoff is knownfor very high qualitytobacco from the Dominican Republic. They have very high standards concerning their tobacco and you find that back in the taste and structure of the cigar. Davidoff is known for a very even burn and smooth draw. The short perfecto has a Dominican filler and Ecuadorian binder and wrapper. Perfect for a short and elegant smoke with nutty tones and hints of earth and spices.
Gurkha Cellar Reserve 18yr - Koi |Mild-Medium bodied
Born from the fighting spirit of the Nepalese warriors, Gurkha Cigarshave become known as one of the top-tier offerings in the cigar world. From their rare blends to their everyday smoke, these flashy sticks offer a wide range of flavor profiles and styles.A short smoke with a wide ring gage in perfecto size with a pig tail head is what makes this cigar so distinctive from others. With a Dominican filler and binderthat has been aged for 18 yearsand a Corojo Colorado wrapper, the cigar gives grassy and slightly woody tones with hints of leather.
Bespoke - Gran Mareva Gold 15 L.E. |Medium-bodied
To celebrate the 2015 Cigar Smoking World Championship finals in Split, Croatia Bespoke Cigars had launched the Gran Mareva Gold. All the leaves have been aged between 3 to 5 years in the Kelner Boutique Factory prior to blending and rolling. Combined with a binder from the Dominican Republic, the wrapper from Ecuador and the filler from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Peru, this is a rich medium-bodied smoke with deep peaty notes and an underlying sweetness. Floral and fruity hints and later on more cedar and spice is what makes this cigar so interesting to try.
Macanudo Inspirado Black - Canonazo |Medium-Full bodied
Macanudo is a very well-known brand among cigar aficionados around the world.The bestsellingbrand in the USand has success inmany other countries.This cigar has been produced in the Dominican Republic and is a more bold and intense blend. With a dark Connecticut Broadleaf, an Ecuadorian Sumatra binder and a filler from Nicaragua this results in a rich aroma and unique flavor profile of spices, driedfruit and an earthy sweetness. This blend altogether makes it a rich and creamy smoke that is full bodied with many nuances.


Macanudo Inspirado Orange - Robusto |Medium-bodied
Macanudo is a very well-known brand among cigar aficionados around the world and also the bestsellingbrand in the US and books various successes in many other countries. This cigar is medium bodied selected with a tobacco blend filler from Honduras, Dominican Republic & Nicaragua. The binder is from the Jamastran Valleyin Honduras and the wrapper is from San Augustin Honduras, which is a rich oil-like Rosada wrapper.The taste can be described as lightly salty with a creamy aftertaste. The wrapper gives a slightly sweet nutty flavor. Furthermore, this cigar has a nice complexity throughout where you can recognize hints of cedar, spiceand saltiness. A perfect cigar for starters as for the more experienced aficionados.
Don Tomas Classico - Robusto |Mild-Medium bodied
Don Tomás always offer very consistent cigars in quality and flavor against a competitive price. Great cigar for the starting aficionado. The cigar mostly consists of Honduran tobacco, the filler contains Honduran and Nicaraguan tobacco, the binder is Honduran and the wrapper is Honduran Habano seed, which is slightly oily in texture. The smell is a bit zesty but the it’s a very earthy cigar with tones of cedar, leather and pepper.
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