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Cigar Cocktails pairing

Cigar Cocktails pairing

Cigar Cocktails pairing


Cigar: Don Tomas Classico - Robusto. Mild-Medium bodied

Don Tomás always offers very consistent cigars in quality and flavour against a competitive price. Great cigar for the starting aficionado. The cigar mostly consists of Honduran tobacco. The filler contains Honduran and Nicaraguan tobacco, the binder is Honduran and the wrapper is Honduran Habano seed, which is slightly oily in texture. The smell is a bit zesty but it’s a very earthy cigar with tones of cedar, leather and pepper.

Smoke time: 25-40 minutes

The combo: The zesty smell of the Don Tomas compliments the citrus nose in our gin blend whilst the earthy, woody tones are complimented by the salinity from the capers in the cocktail.


Cigar: CAO Pilon - Corona. Medium-bodied

Very unique blend created by Master blender Rick Rodriguez. Pílon is an old-fashioned fermentation technique that has disappeared over half a century ago because less time-consuming techniques were put to use. With the pílon technique the tobacco leaves are spread on top of each other in circle so the air can flow through simultaneously, this form of fermenting takes around 18 months. Because of this technique you’ll get a very balanced, rich and complex smoking experience with creamy and lightpeppery notes and hints of leather. The filler and binder are Nicaraguan, and the wrapper is Ecuadorian Habano seed.

Smoke time: 30-40 minutes

The combo: The texture of our twist on a whiskey sour matches wonderfully with the mouthfeel of the CAO Pilon smoke. The combination of three teas pair well with peppery notes found within the cigar and the flavours from lapsang souchong and tobacco bitters increase the richness of this smoking experience.


Cigar: Hoyo de Monterrey - Epicure No.2. Mild-Medium bodied

One of the most popular Cubans because of its soft velvety and well balanced smoke. The cigar has some dryness to it with little sweet hints of caramel and tones of pepper. Throughout the smoke you can experience a light saltiness on your lips from the cigar, taste tones of tea leaf and pepper and recognize slight hints of toasted bread and dark chocolate. All together a very pleasant smoke for any aficionado.

Smoke time: 30-40 minutes

The combo: A classic cocktail from the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans, our version of a Sazerac is cognac forwarded with a subtle rye spice. Designed to complement the peppery, toasted grain finish in the cigar.


Cigar: Partagas - Serie D4. Full-bodied

Partagas is one of the oldest cigar brands in the world. It started in 1845 by Don Jaime Partagas y Ravelo. Since then, Partagas has become one of the world’s finest manufacturers of premium cigars, with the Serie D No.4 being one of their most popular lines where it’s not only one of the bestselling vitolas, but also one of the bestselling Cuban cigars in the world. It’s a flavourful, herbal, full-bodied cigar with a complex profile. It includes notes of spice and cedar with hints of cacao.

Smoke time: 40-60 minutes

The combo: Our signature cocktail, designed to pair with Cuban cigars, is a blend of aged Cuban rum cognac and sweetened with apricot liqueur. Our signature tobacco bitters work incredibly with the cacao and cedar in the cigar.


Cigar: Padron 1926 serie - #6 maduro. Full-bodied

Introduced in 2002 on José O. Pádron’s 75th birthday, the 1926 series is an indisputable cigar in every humidor. This cigar is distinguished in its quality and taste by the fact that Pádron only uses tobacco that has been aged between five and ten years. Pádron is in the top three worldwide of best non-Cuban cigar producers. Once you’ve smoked a Pádron, you know why.The construction of the cigar only has Nicaraguan tobacco. Throughout the smoking experience you recognize mellow woodiness and nutty tones. Later you can experience notes of dark chocolate and roasted coffee.

Smoke time: 60-70 minutes

The combo: Our Latin Heatwave is a warm cocktail made from a base of coffee infused Venezuelan rum, famed for its raisin sweetness. The woody tones of the Padron are further complimented by cardamom which adds a freshness to the cocktail.


Montecristo - Edmundo. Medium-Full bodied

The Edmundo has wonderfully aged tobacco and a blend that offers balance and richness. It’s a flavourfull smoke experience with tones of cedar, spice, light coffee and slight hints of walnuts and black tea. The palate remains fresh and moist with a clean and subtle tobacco aftertaste. It starts intense but has a mellow aftertaste with a hint of freshness.

Smoke time: 50-60 minutes

The combo: Our Orange Blossom Rum Old Fashioned, a winning cocktail at the World Class National Finals, has a depth of flavour which stands up to that of the Edmundo. The floral infusion highlights the freshness, whilst the orange notes compliment the nuttiness of the smoke.

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