Bar The Tailor
March 24, 2021

Tailor-laid eggs by Bar The Tailor

Tailor-laid eggs by Bar The Tailor

EGGCITED for our new Easter concept: Tailor-laid eggs! Our bartenders have found a creative way to combine Grand Café Krasnapolsky's handmade Easter eggs with their own cocktails. Leece, our female bartender and designer, has transformed a simple egg carton into a special Bar The Tailor design. This cardboard egg carton contains six eggs, three of which are different types. Each pair contains a unique tailor-made cocktail:

  • Our dark brown Easter egg is filled with: Cognac, Grand Manier, dark chocolate, ginger and cherry.
  • Our pink Easter egg is filled with: Gin, Lillet Blanc, pomegranate, rose and rooibos.
  • Our white Easter egg is filled with: Tequila, apple, jasmin, chili and maca.

How are the Tailor-laid eggs made?

The chocolate Easter eggs are all specially prepared by our pastry team at Grand Café Krasnapolsky. When the eggs are ready, they are carefully filled with the tailor-made cocktails. This is done by poking small holes with a hot pin to easily pour the cocktail.

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