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Meet the team behind Bar The Tailor. They’re all passionate and true professionals in their field. Scroll down to get to know them!

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My name is Konstantinos, in my 11 years of experience within the hospitality industry, my journey has been deeply enriched by a profound exploration of whiskey and a solid commitment to mixology. My whiskey experience, particularly nurtured during a transformative three years in Ireland, allowed me to dive deep into the craft. Collaborating with esteemed distilleries, I've a deep appreciation for this complex spirit, making it a cornerstone of my beverage creations. My mixology skills have been the canvas on which I express my creativity and passion for hospitality. I approach each drink as a liquid art form, aiming to innovate while showcasing my personality and the way I perceive the world through my drinks. My creations are designed to engage and surprise my guests. Through a blend of technical skill, artistic flair and a deep understanding of flavor profiles, my purpose is to create memorable experiences and blow my guests minds. Challenge us with the craziest combination of ingredients you have in mind and let us make your tailor-made drink.

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As a passionate bartender from Macedonia with over 11 years of experience I’m always in the pursuit of innovation. During my journey I mastered the art of Western hospitality and thanks to a 5-year immersion in the rich culinary traditions of China I would be thrilled to be your guide for a unique sensory adventure.

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As a methodical mixologist I strive to give our guests a unique and surprising experience with my flashy technique and style. In my free time I am a big reader with the ambition to write one day my own cocktail book and share my passion. I also enjoy playing chess, I would never say no to a challenge.

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Born and raised in the Netherlands with Chinese roots, I have always been surrounded by hospitality. From early on I fell in love with anything related to food and drinks and I am happy to assist you in serving the best drink possible! Having lived and traveled extensively abroad, I would love to share my experiences and my passion for mixology. When I’m not behind the bar, I like to play pool and climbing.

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During the day I am a student in 'business administration', in the evening I follow my great passion as Tailor in the cocktail scene. I have a great preference for Whiskey, especially the 'smokey' & 'peaty' variants. Sports and a good cup of morning coffee are essential to me in my daily life!