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The Tailors

Meet the team behind Bar The Tailor. They’re all passionate and true professionals in their field. Scroll down to get to know them!

Krasnapolsky 02 12 2021 135


With his beverage knowledge and mixology skills, we would like to introduce you to our Bar Manager Alex Montrose. In his 12 years as a bartender, he has developed a strong knowledge base in high-end spirits, especially Scotch whisky and rum. Shrouded in an intimate atmosphere, Alex mixes the most groundbreaking cocktails every day. He is always seeking for ingredients that add something "new". He uses flowers and herbs from Anantara Krasnapolsky's private garden for his distillates.

Krasnapolsky 05 09 2022 224


Ioannis is passionate with hospitality and I likes being creative inside and outside of the bar. He loves making cocktails and giving nice experiences to people as well as making art with a focus on drawing. When he is not in the bar, you will find him in his studio working on his personal art projects.

Krasnapolsky 05 09 2022 227

Osvaldis a.k.a. Ozzy

My name is Ozzy. I've been in hospitality for the past 8 years. I love creating Cognac drinks for the people at the bar and have a passion for stand up comedy. Hence why I chose to entertain the folks at the bar.

Krasnapolsky 05 09 2022 249


I always had a big passion for food and beverage, that led me to become a bartender. This passion, and the desire to experiment with new strange flavours and ingredients brought me to the Tailor Bar, where I have the opportunity to express myself. Even though I enjoy the behind the scene side of my job, the best part will always be making the guest a part of this experimentation process, presenting always new and exciting pairings.

Krasnapolsky 05 09 2022 231


Dariusz is the oldest tailor in the line-up. He is 43 years old and was born in Poland, but as he says about himself he has a gypsy soul, so he can't get old. For 17 years the bar has been his passion and greatest love (he only loves his mum more). His favourite cocktails are Corpse Reviver#2 and Bramble. In his spare time he trains boxing and calisthenics and looks after his two rabbits.

Kras 23 11 2022 Web 174


I am communicative person, creative and passionate about things I do. I enjoy serving people and at the same time getting to know different cultures. All the knowledge of bartending and hospitality experience I acquired by years of practice. Off work I am a student who is a video games and motorcycle enthusiast.

Krasnapolsky 05 09 2022 252


This stereotypical tall, blond and blue eyed guy from The Netherlands is named Daan. He is self motivated and always thirsty for more knowledge, just like he is thirsty for a well made cocktail. Acquiring cultural experiences by travelling is a must for him.

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Hi, I am Davor and I come from very small city in Croatia, most of my work experience comes from seasonal jobs on the adriatic coast from where I moved to Dublin and spend 8 years working in Restaurants, Bars and Hotel's. Finally more than 1 year ago I moved to Amsterdam where couple months ago I started at The Tailor Bar. Most of the free time I go around on the motorbike discovering new places to eat.

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Hi, my name is Max. I’m a student here in Amsterdam, following my passion of cocktails and bartending. I’m dedicated to deliver the best tailor experience, never short of a recommendation. In my free time I enjoy riding motorcycles and cooking.

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By day business administration student, by night passionate tailor who does everything to make your visit an unforgettable experience. In free time a Whisky enthusiast, especially if it includes a considerable amount of smoke and peat. Sport and morning coffee are absolutely essential things in my life.